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Date: 07-25-2024 | Clock: 11:57:06

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  • What is the most valuable NFL franchise?
  • When was the first Peach Bowl?
  • How many founding members of the NFL play in the NFC?
  • Which team holds the record for the most points scored by a losing team in a Super Bowl?
  • What team in AFC West has the best record in the Playoffs?
  • Which team scored the fewest points in a Super Bowl game?

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The Dallas Cowboys have been valued at over $4 billion thanks to average attendance of over 90,000. The New England Patriots hold the second sport being valued at almost $3.5 billion.

The first Peach Bowl was held in 1968. In that game LSU beat Florida State 31-27. The Peach Bowl is the ninth oldest Bowl game.

Two founding members are in the NFC. The Chicago Bears and the Arizona Cardinals were both formed in 1920.

In Super Bowl LII the New England Patriots scored 33 points against the Philadelphia Eagles who scored 41 points.

As a member of the NFL since 1960 the Oakland Raiders have taken part in 44 Playoffs and with 25 wins and 19 losses their record is .568. The Kansas City Chiefs have the worst record in the division. Until the 2018 season the Ravens are top of the Playoff table with a .652 record.

The Miami Dolphins scored just 3 points against the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl VI.

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